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a summer lovin' torture party
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Battlestar Galactica (tag: let's go toaster shopping)

"These Brushfire Battles"; (series); M; Adama/Roslin, Roslin/OMC (Dayton Willer)

Infinite Ache; M; "With this much alcohol, everyone's going to get lucky tonight." (July)
Hollow Talk; M; "We can't do this. I can't do this," she said with a shaky breath. "He doesn't deserve this." (September)
Overture to a Fire; T; quot;When you bring the axe down make sure it's quick and sure. Slide your hand back down - nice n' easy - and aim." (November)
The Plant that Never Blooms; T; "If Adama settled, you wouldn't be here right now," he stated simply. "You know it. I know it. He's the only one not sure of it." (April/January)
Armagnac; T; "Everyone's in love when they're drunk...in one way or another." (March)

Skirmishes (Brushfire Addendum)

Teenager; (lite!)M; "Pray hard enough and maybe she'll come floating down from the clouds. Take care of that pesky virginity problem for you." (May)
Pyro; M “I can’t help but think about it,” she breathed to the sky, biting her lower lip. “I can’t.” (October)
I'm Finding it Harder to Be a Gentleman; (hard!)T; "I don't care what you do." He gestured toward the hookers lounging in the shadows. "I'm not gonna tattle on you." (December)

"Elective Affinities"; (series); M; Adar/Roslin, Adar/Adar, Sean/Laura

Overture/The First Time (I); M; "What can I say? I think she'd make a fine contribution to the campaign."
The First Time (II); M; "I want more than little afternoon delights."
Interlude (I); T; “You’ve got a lot of nerve, y’know. I am your best friend, I’m your frakkin’ PA and you don’t think I have a right to know that you’ve been screwing the superintendent?”
Interlude (II); T; “Would you go, please, Laura. I don’t want to look at your face right now," her mother said, looking away from her and lifting her chin.
The Second Time; MA; Grief was a strange thing, he'd found.
Bridges (I-V); M; And a little tipsy or not, Charlotte couldn’t resist going in for the kill. “Every man needs a hobby, I suppose.”

He Plays the Quena, She Plays the Harp; T; Adama/Roslin, Baltar/Caprica; "No," he whispered, his palm smoothing over one of the rocks, "I can't leave her."

The Seasons' Greetings; T; Adama/Roslin; No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn.

Job 1:7; T; Baltar/Head!Six, Baltar/Caprica; And the LORD said to Satan, "Where do you come from?" And Satan said in answer, "From wandering this way and that on the earth, and walking about on it."

Dream Stalker (shameless pr0nz); MA; Roslin/Zarek; Tom Zarek learned a few things about power dynamics in prison.

I Might Like You Better, if We Slept Together(shameless pr0nz); (hard!)M; Sean/Laura; "Oh, Sean," she says quietly, almost as if she's talking to herself, "Look at you."

Army; (lite!)M; Adama/Roslin; Her attempts at affection seem halfhearted - like a habit that's lost its charm.

New Caprica: The Musical: The Fic (total crack); T; gen (multi!pairings); A musical atrocity based on the New Caprica fiasco. Totally rips off Annie, Grease, High School Musical, The Sound of Music, and The King and I. In other words: ridonkulous.

The Gold and the Grey (Edge Hill Remix); T; Leoben/Kara, Baltar/Caprica; Her face was a child’s and he thought she would cry. But she closed herself up like a fan.; remix of sunshine_queen

Dog Days; (lite!)M; Adama/Roslin; She's a messy drunk

Thirteenth-Stepping; MA; Adama/Roslin; There was a desperation whenever they were together. A desperation that whispered, “This is all you have left.” Beneath the moans and sighs, they both could hear it--clear and terrifying and true.

Pinion; (lite!)M; Kara/Sam

Challenge Listing; M-MA; Joseph Adama/Laura Roslin; Lee Adama/Kendra Shaw; Laura/Maya; Kara/Sam

Kink Bingo Listing; M-MA; Caprica Six/Laura Roslin; Zarek/Roslin; Natalie Six/Laura Roslin; Lee/Laura; Bill Adama/Boomer; Adama/Roslin; Lee/Sam; Helena Cain/Gina Inviere; Saul/Ellen; Saul/Bill; Laura/Tory
title: Young Blood
author: carnography
summary: “They’re carding,” Bill mentions over his shoulder, hoping it’ll scare her off.
rating: (lite!)M for shenanigans
word count: approx. 4,000 (It ran away from me. What can I say.)
fandom/pairing: Battlestar Galactica/Blood and Chrome; young!Adama/teenage!Laura
notes: Um, this is the result of "Blood & Chrome" fangirling and the fact that young Bill Adama gives me a ladyboner tbh. Oh, and I purposely left Laura's age ambiguous because of reasons.

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title: Light and Laughter (Bottom of the Barrel Remix)
original fic: Light and Laughter bysomadanne
summary: "Remember to hold it steady; pull back slowly until you're surprised by the explosion."
rating: (lite!)M
word count: approx. 3,000
fandom/pairing: Battlestar Galactica; Adama/Roslin
notes: originally posted here foradama_roslin's remix challenge. :) Unbeta'd. Don't judge me.

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Regardless of whether you liked/read one, both, or neither of these two fics, these are two quality mixes that I wanted to share. Because they are pretty friggin' great. Like ice cream sundaes for your ears.

EP: Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker
I was gonna name this fic "Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker" before I decided last-minute on the more theme-appropriate "Pyro". And I just can't bring myself to change the name of the playlist. Whatevs. Do with it what you will.

fic: Pyro
length: 8 tracks; 38 minutes
genre: chilly pop & dreamy electronic (with some Kings of Leon, Slowdive, and Ryan Adams thrown in for good measure)

artists include Ellie Goulding, Shwayze (remixed by Classixx), Gorillaz, Blue Sky Black Death, Slowdive, Kings of Leon, and Ryan Adams.Collapse )

LP: Elective Affinities
I think I'm more proud of the end results of this playlist than of the fic itself. Like, legit, the music and lyrics in this playlist convey the relationship better than I was able to do.

fic: Elective Affinities (I-VIII)
length: 12 tracks; 52 minutes
genre: moody mid-tempo "post-punk", experimental rock, and ambient electronic

artists include Syntax, She Wants Revenge, Iamamiwhoami, Interpol, Deftones, A Perfect Circle, Tori Amos, The National, Villa Nah, Massive Attack, The Kills, and Blue Sky Black Death.Collapse )

All files are 100% clean and virus-free. I'm not trying to troll y'all by giving your computers superbugs. Just thought I'd put that out there for those of you who think of "download" as a dirty word.
** Artwork for "Elective Affinities" is a bastardized version of Rene Magritte's "The Lovers", a particular favorite of mine

laura - five and dime
series: "Elective Affinities"
title: Elective Affinities
summary: She thought she had so much time. 
rating: M
word count: approx. 5000
fandom/pairing: THE OBSESSION (aka Battlestar Galactica); Laura/Sean, Adar/Roslin
author's note: THE END IS NIGH. :D :D

previousone | two | three | four | five | six | seven

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your joy is my low
series: "Elective Affinities"
title: Colliding/Combining
summary: "You like to watch me squirm? Is that it?"
rating: T
word count: approx. 2000
fandom/pairing: THE OBSESSION (aka Battlestar Galactica); Adar/Roslin
author's notes: One of two.   

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skins - it's you and me babe
series: "Elective Affinities"
title: Bridges (I-V)
author: carnography
summary: And a little tipsy or not, Charlotte couldn’t resist going in for the kill. “Every man needs a hobby, I suppose.”
rating: M
word count: approx. 5,200
fandom pairing: THE OBSESSION (aka Battlestar Galactica); Adar/Roslin
notes: Obligatory for every fic involving Adar, ever. Richard's swanky birthday party! I will always love this trope, honestly. Unbeta'd; so, please forgive the clunky sentence or two ... or four, y'know whatever.

I have to mention that this chapter (or rather, compliation of mini chapters) might be a "make it or break it" scenario for some of you. Idk. A lot of things that were only hinted at in the past few chapters will be cast in a more forthcoming light, in this installment and in the next. And hopefully, none of it feels like it's coming "out of the blue"; because, unlike RDM, I honestly had a set plan. Whether or not I executed it well is another matter entirely.

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your joy is my low
series: "Elective Affinities"
title: The Second Time
author: carnography
summary: Grief was a strange thing, he’d found. (Mayoral)
rating: MA
word count: approx. 4000
fandom pairing: THE OBSESSION (aka Battlestar Galactica); Adar/Roslin
notes: I honestly have nothing to say! Except that this fic is turning into such a trial-by-fire, and mapping out this dysfunctional relationship is as infuriating and challenging as ever. And somehow, I'm still having fun. (Also, LJ's new text editor is shit.)

previous: one | two | three | four

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08 07 11 - fic: "pyro"
laura - pin a frakking medal
author: carnography
title: "Pyro"
summary: “I can’t help but think about it,” she breathed to the sky, biting her lower lip. “I can’t.” (October)
rating: M
word count: approx. 5,000
fandom/pairing: THE OBSESSION (aka Battlestar Galactica); Adama/Roslin/OMC (Dayton Willer)
notes: Okay, this a very-very-very belated response to this post, back in friggin' March. Like, I don't know. It got out of hand. I planned on a thousand word story, and I wrote it. It sucked. I deleted it. I wrote it again. Deleted it again. And eventually, I tried my hand again and it turned into these five thousand words. *sigh*  Que sera sera.  (Also, this is unbeta'd. Just because.)
warnings: semi-threesome and ... substance abuse?

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bsg - a neck so fragile
Since the lovely mods at bsg_kink  have given permission to cross-post, I'm postin' mah drabbles. Otherwise, I know I'll forget, and I'm like OCD about making sure all my stuff is accessible in the same place. Idk. 

I honestly can't believe I found the time/motivation to do ten drabbles. This is an accomplishment for me!  Once I started a line, I felt compelled to finish it. (Which explains the "rimming" drabble, tbh. It's an obvious filler, but whatever. I regret nothing.) 

laura and the sixes are my fandom bicycles. i can't help it, okay. they're beautiful, magical unicorns.Collapse )
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